Both Paramedical and Cosmetic

I have trained with top award winning areola tattooist Kally Moorhouse in the art of realism tattooing for the Areola.

I can recreate a 3D Areola/nipple for both ladies and gents post mastectomy/ reconstructive breast surgery.

I have both paid appointments and also a free Friday clinic.

Free friday clinic – clients may book in for a paramedical areola tattoo appointment on a Friday FREE of charge! I feet that this should be a service that anyone who needs it can access, regardless of financial circumstances. 

Cosmetic areola tattooing appointments are available as follows:

  • Areola blush – to repigment pale nipples
  • Breast uplift/scar camouflage
  • Areola enlargement tattoo

Contact me for further information on any of these procedures.