Blemish Removal

I am trained in many advanced methods of blemish removal so I am able to eradicate a range of blemishes. All are quick and with minimal discomfort. Some methods give an instant result and some take a few days for the treatment to take effect.

Advanced Electrolysis can be used to remove thread veins, skin tags, cherry angioma, moles, blood spots, milia and other lesions. I can treat a combination of any or all of these, on the face or body or both, in a single 25 minute session. For many blemishes, more than treatment session may be required.

The cryopen utilises a fine jet of nitrous oxide which is applied at high pressure with millimeter precision to quickly and effectively eradicate unwanted blemishes. Suitable for pigmentation – sun spots age spots, skin tags, warts, verrucae, cherry angioma, and milia. This is a fantastic device and very effective. The results on pigmentation are particularly superb.

Milia look like little white bumps on the skin – often found around the eyes and cheekbones. They can be annoying but I can remove these very quickly and easily. The most cost effective method of removal is usually manual extraction, although some larger and more stubborn milia need benefit from advanced electrolysis.