I use many different methods to create eyebrows - there is a style to suit everybody. From delicate hairstroke, subtle ombre, through to bolder powder style brows. I have a huge range of pigments suitable for even the lightest of blondes and the darkest ebony shades.








There are many different styles of eyeliner - I tailor the design to suit each individual client. From soft and subtle shading to give the illusion of a fuller lashline, through to big bold latino liners. Choose from top liner, bottom liner or both. Winged, lined, flicks, shaded or smokey.





Lip Blush

Choose from the Ultra soft lip blush (sheer tint effect) or a Full lip colour (stronger lipstick look). Clever design work will correct asymmetry and make lips look fuller and more shapely. I have a huge range of beautiful pigments that I mix bespoke to suit each individual client.





Blemish Removal

Freckles, moles or little skin imperfections can be very endearing and add to our individuality! But sometimes we decide that given the choice we would rather take something away.

I can successfully treat:


Sun spots

Age spots


Skin tags



Thread veins



Cherry angioma

Various other little skin lumps and bumps