The Healing Process

So here you are, you’ve just been given some beautiful brows and want to show the world that your brow game is strong…. when over the next few days they go from dark.. to light.. to flaky… and before you know it you’re on the phone to the clinic having a breakdown asking where your eyebrows have gone?!

The first thing to do is NOT PANIC!!

Your new set of brows are going to take a couple of weeks to settle and in that time you are going to go through some changes which is completely normal and all part of the process.

Healing will be different for everyone and factors like age, skin type, hormones (the list goes on) can impact on your healing but there are basic stages that you may go through which I’ve detailed below so that you can be fully prepared for what to expect.

Day 1:
‘I love my eyebrows. Perfection!’

So you look in the mirror and ‘wow! They’re bright, sharp, vibrant and all that you wanted.

Day 2:
‘Oh no, why are they so dark? And thick?’

Now stay calm… this is completely normal! Brows tend to fade by 40% once the healing is complete so to accommodate this more pigment is used initially to accommodate the changes it will go through. If you notice them looking slightly bigger this will only be down to swelling and will settle back down in no time!

Day 5 – 10:
‘Uh, why are they scabbing and flaking?

Depending on your skin type will determine how much they will scab. It’s a really important part of the process as it’s getting rid of the dead skin cells and any unused pigment. Keep applying the oil daily and this will keep flaking to a minimum.

Day 10+:
‘Great, now they are too light!’

What did I tell you? DONT PANIC! So now your body has been working hard at shedding the dead skin cells, it’s now forming a new layer of skin cells which can make your brows appear lighter. But don’t go looking for your brow pencil just yet as the colour will resurface.

Week 4:
‘The skin rejuvenated! My brows are back and fabulous!

And just like that your brows are healed, looking on point and ready for the top up appointment.

After touch up appointment:
‘Now my brows are perfect!! I love them!

After 4 weeks you’ll come back for a top up appointment where more pigment is added and any changes or tweaks can be made.

And voila!

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