Talking about alopecia…

Introducing Sarah! 

Sarah first visited me a couple of years ago to discuss a solution to her thinning eyebrows. Sarah has alopecia, an auto immune condition that causes hair loss. When her eyebrows started to be affected she decided to address this and we began with hairstroke brows to give the illusion she had more brow hair than she did. Recently Sarah decided to switch to a pretty powder style finish, which is more of a makeup style brow and it suits her perfectly!

A few months ago Sarah decided to have a subtle eyeliner done also. A lash enhancement style liner dusts a soft shadow through the lash line which again gives the illusion that the lashes are fuller. 

I have several clients who have alopecia – there are different types of alopecia and as well as being a physical problem, the loss of hair can have a deep psychological impact. My approach is always kind and caring and I always spend time with each and every client to understand exactly what I need to do to give them the result they want.

Sarah is keen to share her experience with permanent makeup to reassure others who would love to have their brows or lashes improved. I asked her a few questions to find out more – over to you Sarah!

Sarah, how long have you had alopecia?

Since I was 15. I was preparing for my GCSEs and my hairdresser found a patch. Within a couple of years I lost most of my hair. Over the years I would lose a lot of it and then it would grow back. It started to grow back at the start of lockdown but over the last few days a large patch has fallen out. 

When did you first start thinking about getting permanent makeup done?

To be honest, I used to be someone who wouldn’t have wanted permanent makeup. I don’t wear much makeup myself and always thought that it would have looked too much on me and over the top. Then my eyebrows started to thin and I was scared that if they fell out, I would lose their shape if i wanted to draw them back in. 

So now you have had your eyebrows and eyeliner done, what difference have the treatments meant to you?

It has been amazing. The change in my appearance has been so positive. I feel so much more confident and the response from friends and family has been great!! 

How did you find the procedure experience?

The procedure was so smooth and professional. Luisa made me feel so comfortable. She made it clear like that we had as much time as we needed and if I didn’t like the shape that she sketches on then she could re do it as many times as needed. The procedure wasn’t painful at all. It felt a bit scratchy when I had my top up but it wasn’t painful. 

What would be your advice for anyone whose eyebrows and/or eyelashes have been affected by Alopecia?

I strongly recommend considering having the procedure done. But you must look into it and get someone who is recommended and someone who you can see their previous work. Have a consultation and only proceed if you feel comfortable. In fact I wouldn’t use anyone other than Luisa! Don’t go for cheaper! Because you will get what you pay for! 

I had seen so many people recommend Luisa and I have seen the amazing work that she has done. During my consultation I felt confident that she would do an amazing job. Super professional and her previous work looked incredible.

If there is anything else you would like to add?

I really look forwards to my sessions with Luisa as she makes me feel so welcome and comfortable.  It’s a real treat! It is a more expensive beauty treatment but it is totally worth it and lasts for a long time. I also had my eyeliner done because I was fed up with my eyeliner constantly smudging. I am so pleased with it. We started with a soft eyeliner then when I returned I was happy to go bolder so Luisa made them darker in my second session. There is such attention to detail with Luisa. If you’re in 2 minds then book a consultation as she is wonderful and will discuss your options with you. 

Thank you for sharing Sarah, I know you are keen that your experience helps others and I’m sure that it will.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve the appearance of your brows – should it be post treatment hair loss, alopecia, trichotrillomania, hormonal hair loss or simply that you haven’t got the eyebrows that you would love, there is a solution for everyone. 

If you would like to find out more then do get in touch, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Luisa x

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